City of the Damned

Session 34: Le Grand Finale (Day 159-Day 164)

Roll call:

Bill – III the Thief
Andre – Niall the Cleric
Jon – Apollonia
Trevor – Eitsa the Huntress/ Battu the Warrior
Matt – Oxley the Seer
Chris – The Clap / Klamlydia the Halfling

The session opened with planning the assault on the Emperor’s Obelisk. The PCs traveled back and took 4 days to lick their wounds, heal, and spellburn, particularly so that Oxley cast Kith of the Hydra to protect himself in case he died in the ensuing combat.

Finally, the PCs decided on a plan of flying way over the obelisk, dropping down near the top of the obelisk and then using the password to enter from the top. III executed this daring maneuver and was mostly successful, landing very close to the targeted space. They were then able to fly in through the top using the password provided by the Cosmpolitan Hermit in last session. The top level was exposed to space somehow, very cold and some of the lighter-equipped PCs started to float way, but all made Ref saves before anything too terrible happened. The floor of the top level was littered with small delicate bones. A shaft led down into the obelisk and the general layout seemd similar to that of the CH from last session.

The party made their way down the shaft, Oxley and Apollonia in the lead. They spotted a couple demons down on a ledge outside one room in roughly the middle of the obelisk. At the same time, there were some plaintive, pathetic “meows” from behind one of the doors. Also, when they passed a certain point, spider-bat bones (as seen above) animated and two swarms of spider-bats charged down at the party from above and below.

Apollonia landed with Oxley on the ledge and she Lotus Stare’d one demon into submission while Oxley and Klap destroyed the other one. Niall turned and destroyed the spider-bats above, while Apollonia hurled the smoking demon body of one of them down through the spider-bats, killing many of them, before Niall eradicated the rest. The party ignored the “meowing” and found the portal the demons had guarded had an elaborate magical lock, which Oxley deciphered via Read Magic.

Opening the portal, they found a time-stopped tableau: The emperor worm and six of the First Slave “Fleshies” were facing off with a man who could only be Yeph-Siroth while the demon-demi-god Mal-Uk had emerged from his portal to Hell!

In the ensuing combat, the following happened:

1. Oxley had fashioned a grand plan to cast Mind Purge on the great Mal-Uk, but after spellburning, etc, rolled a Nat 1 and took corruption.
2. Mal-Uk laid down a darkness around his personage, then cast fireballs.
3. Niall did a tremendous damage Bolt from the Blue to destroy Mal-Uk.
4. The Emperor attacked Battu and destroyed his “slime-hood” protection, then offered him a deal— to kill Yeph Siroth. Battu instead charged into the darkness Mal-Uk had created to try to slay him.
5. Battu rejected the offer and charged Mal-Uk and missed.
III snuck up and critted Mal-Uk, but didn’t quite take him down— finally Klap was able to slay him.
6. The party had not really wanted to fight the emperor, but the Emperor assumed the PCs were with Yeph-Siroth. He tried to dominate Yeph-Siroth, failing first, but then finally succeeding and turning Y-S on the party. Finally, Niall took out the Emperor with a juiced-up Bolf from the Blue.
7. At this point, Yeph-Siroth hurried to the dissolving, vaporizing body of Mal-uk, asking the PCs to give him the black fruit, claiming they would not know how to use it.
Battu retrieved the Black Fruit, but after a moment of indecision decided not to eat it. (I noted to the players that they would lose their control of the Ps if they became demigod).
8. Yeph-Siroth charmed Battu to give him the fruit, but Klap tried to wrest it from Battu, finally succeeding on the third try.
9. Klamlydia, now enlarged to triple size (!), rushed forward and dove down on the fruit to cover it up.
10. Yeph-Siroth was slain and his quest to get the black fruit was ended.
11. Oxley cast Mind Purge again on the vapor of Mal-Uk attempting to return to its dimension. THis barely failed when Mal-Uk made his save exactly, even at -2d.
12. Oxley cast Ward Portal to shut the door to Mal-Uk’s Hell-Manse.
13. Lydia ate the Black fruit and expanded and grew fare more, further and further until she disappeared from sight as she ascended to true godhood (!)
III took the green and gold boots from Yeph Siroth. He also had a magical rod of some sort.

Left undone:
Most of the obelisk is unexplored, including the next room.
PCs must decide if they would return to Canopus, find out what happened to the “phase-obelisk” that has bridged the two worlds, etc.
How will they live with their bizarre mutations back home?
What will they do (if anything) with the first slave “fleshies” and the maggot-men?

Luck awards:
+1 permanent luck point for each PC.

Clear Flyer maneuver – 4 XP
Space-warp entrance: 1 XP
Un-dead spider-bats – 3XP
Demon guards- 3 XP
Mal-Uk 5 XP
the Emperor – 4 XP
Yeph-Siroth – 3 XP
Black Fruit – 4 xp

Total: 27 XP

Thoughts on next session/“season 3”

There are two main options:

1. continue to explore the obelisk (with loot and dangers in the obelisk and more exploration of Canopus).
2. Mostly handwave that and return to home base/City of the Damned to kick off new adventures and grab old threads, etc.


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