City of the Damned

Session 33: Into the Obelisk (Day 152 - Day 158)

Roll Call:

Bill – III the Thief
Andre – Niall the Cleric
Jon – Apollonia
Trevor – Eitsa the Huntress/ Battu the Warrior
Matt – Oxley the Seer
Chris – The Clap / Klamlydia the Halfling

Session opened with the PCs in the caves of the First Slaves/Flesh things. The PCs were able to speak their language and discussed their various goals with Kirbolos the Elder, a Head on Fingers. He offered some troops, and said he could muster as many as 200, but wasn’t sure that the PCs had a way of getting them up to the Obelisk. Finally after some good discussion, the PCs admitted that their real goal is to get into the “Locked Obelisk”. Kirbelos informed them that they could possibly try to contact “the hermit” who had moved its whole obelisk over the poison sea some centuries ago, in response to factional warfare.

To get all the way out there, the PCs would need to master a “clear flyer” the jellyfish things that sail the skies of Canopus. But first, the Elder offered them a bath in the flesh pits, which might endow them favorable mutations if they did well. The PCs mostly accepted… with the benefits as detailed below as well as I could remember:

1. Oxley – Owl wings (High-medium)
2. Apollonia – Demonic bat wings (Medium good)
3. III – Hummingbird wings (very good)
4. Klamlydia – Hummingbird wings (not as good)
5. Klap – 4 arms – extra attack die
6. Battu – 8 octopus tentacles – extra attack
7. Eitsa – Feathery angel wings
8. Niall – Feathery angel wings

Having done well in the fleshpits, they set out to master the Clear Flyers. It took 3 days to find a plateau where they were basking in the sun. They entered through the anus (hilarity ensued) and a well-blessed III was able to master the brain levers of the flyer to shoot into the skies. They were attacked by various antibodies, but Niall cast Holy Sanctuary and critted the roll, turning the entire Clear Flyer into his HS. Battu used the brain to calm the antibodies and all combat with them was thus avoided.

Approaching the redoubt fo the Cosmopolitan Hermit, the PCs examined it and saw that there was a Liquisassin membrane protecting both entrances. The party decided to get in close and mentally signal to the Hermit that they wished to enter in peace. The Hermit pulled back the LIquissassin. While they got out of the Flyer, he brought up a giant-ass Spider-bat to attack them, which they easily dispatched with Bolts from the Blue, Scorching Ray, etc.

The Cosmopolitan Hermit had tested them and found them worthy combatants so admitted them to his chamber to parlay. He agreed to give them aid to enter the “Locked Obelisk” as long as they did not 1) hurt the Emperor and 2) did not hurt the Hunter levitating the obelisk up. He didn’t care what they did to Mal-Uk.

He did tell them the events as he understood them:

1) Yeph-Siroth, some mage of a backwater world had angered his patron Mal-uk.
2) Mal-uk is a Supreme General of Hell, of a finite tier only second in power to the king of Hell, Asmodeus.
3) Mal-Uk influenced his ally, the Emperor of Pyorex on the planet Canopus to have his revenge on Yeph-Siroth— creating a phased obelisk to unleash Hell on the city below.
4) Yeph Siroth gathered his champions and flew up the obelisk into Pyorex and into the Locked Obelisk
5) After Yeph-Siroth entered the Emperor’s Obelisk, it became locked and totally impregnable- (it was already secured and only a few of the Worm Princes knew how to enter)
6) Shortly thereafter, the Cosmopolitan Hermit left Pyorex and moved his Obelisk out a great distance over the poison sea, as he had broken with the other factions of Pyorex.

the CH also explained how each obelisk has a Hunter within that levitates the obelisk. His aid is contingent upon the PCs swearing not to harm the Emperor or the Hunter levitating his obelisk.

Before wrapping up, III showed the CH a mental image of Vander to see if he had any info on his nemesis. 1 fleeting Luck!

After 1 day with the First Slaves + 3 days finding the Clear Flyers + 2 days flying to the obelisk of the Cosmpolitan Hermit… we will open on Day 158

XP -

The Flesh Pits – 4 XP
Anal Entry of the Clear Flyers/Str drain tentacles – 2 XP
Antibodies of the Clear Flyers 2 XP
Mastering the Brian of the Clear Flyer 4 XP
Bypassing the Liquisassin – 3 XP
GIant-ass Spider-Bat 3 XP
The Cosmopolitan Hermit – 4XP

Total: 22 XP


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