City of the Damned

Session 32: Canopus Ho! (Day 152)

Roll call:

Matt: Oxley the Seer
Bill: III the Thief
Andre: Niall the Cleric
Jon – Apollonia the Cleric
Trevor: Battu & Eitsa
Chris: Clap & Klamlydia

The session opened with the PCs regrouping in the caves of the Maggot Men, pumping them for information and formulating a plan. After some discussion (and some mild prodding), the players decided to strike West and seek the help of the “first slaves” the fleshy mutants that the Spawners had first formed before the maggot-men. The players’ ultimate goal is to recruit them for an all-out assault on the worm princes.

The party asked for a guide to help them find the flesh-slaves, and were granted the services of Node 41889, the younger hatch-mate of Node 41888 who was captured by them in Session 31.

The PCs were set upon by 40 spiderbats (“Tactical spiderbats”) but slew them all and permitted none to escape.

They PCs found a depression in the rocky terrain that they explored full of what Node 41889 called “The precious ones”, blobbers with skeletons of gold and platinum. The PCs didn’t explore this era, but noted the location.

The PCs were accosted by a glowing pyramidal quadrihedron, which tried to entice Apollonia, Node 41889, Battu & Eitsa to walk into it. Ultimately it was destroyed in a fierce combat by III, the Clap, and Oxley’s 3 Scorching rays. Node 41889 recognized this thing as a servant of the Spawners.

The PCs made their way further west and found a small canyon in which a cave was flashing them with light. Entering this natural canyon, they found themselves trapped - the caves were issuing spikeballs, which exploded into spores when they stopped bouncing- although no one was harmed by the spikeball spores due to successful Fort saves.

III and Eitsa gained one of the caves and fought the flesh-mutants therein, with the Clap ultimately helping subdue one of them. To their surprise, the PCs found that the flesh-things spoke a similar language to their own and explained their purpose in seeking them out. The flesh-slaves, seeing that the PCs had not harmed their brethren, were amenable to discussing the PCs’ goals. This is where we ended Session 32.

The game will resume on Day 152.

Note: III has shown Venger’s sketch to the maggot-men and the flesh-mutants in an effort to spread Venger’s notoriety across the known worlds and make sure he is branded a criminal everywhere!


Spider bats: 3
Blobbers/ Precious Ones; 1
Polyhedral Champion: 4
Flesh-mutants and spikeballs: 3

Total: 11

Andre’s notes from session 32:

Adding this so we remember for next time (might save a repeat of the planning debate)…

Stated party goals:
1. Recruit the First Slaves to join us in our uprising
2. Check out the caves of the Precious Ones on the way back to obelisk land; Node 41889 told us they have something in their caves
3. With the First Slaves and the Rebel Maggotmen as our army, offer to a lesser faction (most likely the Astronomers) to help them overthrow the Hunters in exchange for aid accessing the locked obelisk.

…. and a note: if we ever see a few spiderbats scouting us, take ‘em down fast, they will bring a large force after us if they escape. Best to stick to the ridges when possible.


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