City of the Damned

Session 30: Return to Canopus

Roll call:

Bill – III and Klamlydia
Andre- Niall and the Clap
Trevor – Battu & Eitsa
Jon – Apollonia & Jaspendar
Matt – Oxley the Seer

Note: Chris was a late scratch at gametime so Bill played Klamlydia and Andre played the Clap.

The party started off in the top floor of the Invisible Tower (Day 143 still).

After much discussion, the party decided against trying to do any sacrifice shenanigans and instead Niall cast Divine Aid to get Bast’s help to return the tower to the surface. The tower shuddered upward and returning to the lowest level, the party saw that the strange mechanism in the shark’s head had been wrenched apart and la y in pieces on the floor. They exited the tower quickly after stripping the jadinum coffin door off its lid and taking the gold, silver and jadinum keys from the trapped entrance to level 4 Oxley also grabbed all the alien jewelry on the vampire priest.

The PCs decided to return to the City with their loot. On the way back they were attacked by an odd bunch of desert scum. The band was quickly routed, but a couple escaped. Jaspandar had slept a couple and the party tried to interrogate them to no effect; Apollonia tried to convert them but fumbled (!). Ultimately, they laughingly embraced death in a most unpleasant nihilistic way.

The PCs rested in the City and tried to decide how to proceed— up through the obelisk or using the goo cave device that Apollonia had mastered. Oxley called upon Azi Dahaka for consultation and Azi Dahaka told him that the obelisk was not the final goal – that Mal-Ukk’s destination was elsewhere on Canopus, and also that Yeph-Siroth could be found in the same place. How to find them? Ask those you find there.

Niall also experimented with some spider-bats and found that the smoke bothered them, and also, something he had never noticed before— their breathing was labored, almost as the PCs’ was on Canopus itself. III prepared a smoke bomb using his book of alchemy.

The PCs then considered the thousands of spider-bats in the obelisk above the city and decided to take the Goo machine back. They rode to the goo-cave, finding it quiet and split into Team A (going to Canopus): Oxley, Niall, Battu, Jaspendar, Apollonia, III, Clap, Chlamlydia

Staying behind with the horses: Eitsa, Stormcat, Death-lion, Tayo

When Apollonia tried to use the MDTE to return to Canopus, she fumbled and landed them on a hot, jungle planet with a 100’ tall three-eyed statue. It was quite warm, with two blazing suns. They found some strange white-furred monkey dogs and tried to feed them, but ultimately decided to go back to the MDTE and try again to get to Canopus.

This time it worked and they emerged in the same Canopan desert as last time. They climbed the ridge and soon the pink liquid beast started flowing after them. They destroyed the liquid creature with a nasty scorching ray + Jaspendar using levitate to raise and drop the thing twice, particularly aided by a banishment. After this, they ascended the ridge across from the Canopan goo gave and were able to view the obelisks better this time: There are 12 huge obelisks floating- the Southeastern one is faintly visible/wavering/blurry on the bottom half. Amongst the obelisks they saw spider-bats flying in less ravaging/frantic natures + one of the giant slugs that they had fought in the merchants’ quarter house in the City.

There’s also a “toppled” obelisk laying on its side, with huge piles of meat laying on the ground nearby— this reminded Battu of whale meat, huge flesh of one piece. The party conferenced and decided to to approach the toppled obelisk and investigate the meat piles, hoping to find someone there to guide them. We will start on Day 148


Oxley, Niall, Battu, Eitsa, Apollonia, III, Clap, Chlamlydia
Overcoming the Mindless Master: 4 XP
The desert ambush: 1 XP

Oxley, Niall, Battu, Jaspendar, Apollonia, III, Clap, Chlamlydia
The pond-beast (“liquisassin”) – 3XP

Total: 8 XP


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