City of the Damned

Session 28: Day 139

Roll call:

Chris – Klamlydia the Halfling and the Clap the Warrior
Bill – III the Thief
Andre – Niall the BASTard, Tayo the thief, Stormcat & Deathlion
Jon – Apollonia the Sex Shooter and Jaspondar the Wizard

Session opened on Day 139 with the PCs in the Goo Cave as per end of last session (presumably a night’s rest.) After some discussion, the party decided to use the Goo Ship to travel to its “home setting” which Apollonia understood to be Canopus, and at least see the environs. (I clarified to Jon & team, that the “home Setting” is known to Apollonia, but the rest of the different options are NOT known… she can guide the MDTE there, but she has no idea what to expect when she gets there.)

PCs decided to bring Battu & Eetsa to keep an eye on the MDTE while the rest of the party explored.

Arriving, the party found themselves in a cave. III left the device and immediately had some issues breathing, and lost a point of STA. After some experimenting, the party found that they all lost 1-2 points of STA if they leave the ship and breathe the open “sour and dank” bad air of Canopus. This is WITH the improvised wet masks they made (otherwise it was 1d4). There was no save.

From the cave mouth, they could see some sort of structure or ship down in the rocky valley below, with a lot of strange pools of slimy multlcolored liquid. ALso, off in the “East” of the cave, they saw a bunch more floating obelisks floating in an orderly row of 5 (at least). They looked more or less identical to the one above the City. They decided to scale the ridge on which the cave is to seek higher air, but this didn’t improve the air quality. As they made their way toward the “north”, one of the pools began to move and started to flow out toward them. It covered the rocky terrain quickly and even flowed UP the ridge line toward them. The thing fired some gel missiles at the party, missing everyone but III. He was covered in slime and started to suffocate, briefly poking a hole in the pink mass on his face, before it self-sealed. Finally DeathLion & Stormcat were able to help peel the gunk off before III suffocated. Niall defeated the thing with Banishment, even though it’s “mundane” on this world, effectively barring the thing from approaching closer than 90 ’.

There were some climbing mishaps, including Tayo taking a dive off the rockface and apparently dying as he plunged 50’ to his death, but luckily when the body was flipped, young Tayo miraculously survived! The party advanced to the thing they had seen and found it to be ship-like, hollow with obvious space for crew, etc. and entirely constructed of wood. In the back of the ship was a big vine covered chair. Within a wooden chest, they found some intricately worked ultra-lite metal mesh masks that allowed them to breathe with no stamina penalty (8). They also found a suit of amor of the same stuff in a cabinet and also a green tunic with strange markings (III was not able to decipher this script.)

The party noticed that the ship had been charred and burned on one side, including the strange vine-chair in its center. Also there were two big crossbows by amber colored windows in front— one of which was intact, and acts as an ultra-lite heavy crossbow (d1d8) (But it has no bolts at this time.)

The party left the ship and Niall had the idea to drive the beast out of its slime-pond lair— sure enough, they found some odd metallic skeletons there worth about 280gp + another suit of the armor locked around yet another skeleton.

The party decided to retire back to the MDTE and go back to the original Goo Cave and supply up more seriously for a longer excursion (heading back to the City to resupply). They also realized that they had left their camels/horses unprotected and sure enough, on their return (missed Luck check) the cruel Vulture-men had alchemical-bombed them to smithereens and eaten what they could. Luckily, the spider-bat-proof tents Niall had bought in Session 27 were intact.

Next session will pick up on Day 140. Intention is to journey to the city and see if the Invisible Tower from Session 27 has returned (it has!) Then, resupply in the City and plot the next move.

Note: Niall did an experiment to see what happened to items that weren’t in the “steering column” or the “passenger pods” of the goo-ship/MDTE. When returning to Terra/City-world, he left out a silver coin and a ration. The food was withered and dehydrated but more or less intact; the silver piece was unchanged.

2nd Note Apollonia tried to show everyone present (including Battu / Eetsa) how to use the MDTE and so everyone can have a +1d (use D24) on an Int check to master it.

XP –
3 – Liquissassin beast
2 – Climbing hazards

total: 5


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