Journal Entry Two

The coffee shop was crowded.  The people were loud and ignorant.  Both were things Kaylen could have done without both those elements but if she wanted to get any research done, her latte was a requirement.   Their group beat the storm by almost five minutes.  She ushered them both into her home as thunder boomed through the French Quarter.  Storms were often sudden and violent in New Orleans.    Once inside, she directed them both to her research library and left them to their own devices for just a few minutes.  She needed to record, to put it on paper long before it escaped.  Kaylen understood the day’s events would as soon as she began to research.    With that thought,  shook the damp from her hair and grabbed the battered leather book.  In the bedroom’s quiet,   she began to write.

May 13, 2017

Further down the rabbit hole we go.   I feel a darkness on the horizon.  I am afraid. I exposed what I am to two mages.  I did this voluntarily.   I have spent most of my awakened life separating my family from my magic. Yet here I am inviting to of ours into my home.    Yet, the satisfaction of using my gifts openly remains. Have I lost my mind? Or have recent events brought apathy?  …I don’t know. I just know that within a year of my awakening I lost both my parents and,  barely a month ago, my husband. They were sleepers,  they did not know what I was, not completely.   Was this a price I was supposed to pay for what I am? Again, I don’t know. 

What I do know; my research calls me on all fronts.  I need Lux to recreate what she saw.  I need to know what keeps those spirits locked within the ley lines. What is that barrier and who created it? How did they create it? Who on earth needs that much power in a single sitting?   Who is this Slayer the ghosts whispered about?  The researcher in me loves the abundance of problems to be solved.  In my heart, worry nags like an overweight fishwife. 

Furthermore;  who is Lux and why are the dead so drawn to her?  I have met mages who commune with the dead but never one where the dead were so animated for lack of a better term.  Why is she in hiding and why did she insist we be home by dark?   She is young but there is an age of knowledge in her eyes.  God only knows what the girl’s been through. Part of me wants to provide a safer haven than she’s known and another wonders what I can learn from her.

As for my last companion; the Jester. I cannot tell if he is inept or mad.  We all fail spells but he seems to fail so spectacularly.  Beneath the exterior,  I think,  is a sharp intelligence he hides well.  He has his own secrets that I think he is reluctant to share.  The man has yet to tell us why he was in the graveyard to begin with.  I know our reasons yet I wonder…what were his? God knows his ineptness served as a ready distraction.

Kaylen tapped the page with a thoughtful, troubled expression.  Too many unanswered questions lingered.   “No time like the present.” She muttered and snapped the book closed.   She changed into a fresh pair of jeans and a tee before she joined her companions in the downstairs.  The change of clothes made her feel a little more human.   Though the case fascinated her,  being surrounded by the dead and ghostly could not help but give her the creeps.   In route, she twisted her auburn hair up in a bun and secured it. 

“Well,  I suppose we should start with introductions before we start researching.”   She started.  She moved to the desk to thumb through the cluttered desktop to find an empty notebook.   The itch to start burned within here like dragon’s fire.  Good manners stomped the urge down.  “Lux, I need you to recreate what we saw.” Kaylen then fixed the Jester with a scrutinizing look.  “And I would like to know why you were there in the first place. Would you care to explain?”   If he could not aid their search, she would send him on his way to search for whatever information brought him to the graveyard.    The man was trying to get to the same place they were and did not leave when most reasonable people would have departed.  After all,  the only people that generally got thrown out of that site were drunk or stoned out of their minds.  Disruptions such as those he caused were rare. 

Journal Entry Two

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