Journal Entry Three

After much discussion, the group settled down to rest. Kaylen insisted that Damien needed to give his wounds a few hours to heal and for her stitches to set. With that in mind, Kaylen set about recreating the image they had seen in the library. Her sketches and notes were tucked in a bag she had grabbed on her way out of her home. The bag also contained her identification, credit cards and any applicable financial needs she might have. The bag had saved her hide multiple times over the years. A colleague recommended the idea to her years ago. The bag was always kept with notes on her current research projects and any travel or financial needs that might occur if she was suddenly asked to attend research conferences or had to travel. The med kit had been an addition of her own design when one of her supernatural brethren managed to take a chunk out of her hide.

The notes were organized, the drawing copied and the file made ready for her meeting with Mr. Gibson. The man has uncanny timing. She thought as she finalized what she needed to turn into the Mysterium. If they could make heads or tails of this, she would be impressed. God knew they had more resources at their fingertips than she. Instinct prompted her to leave out Lux and Damien’s involvement in her assignment. Their reasons did not coincide with her assignment and what the Mysterium did not know did not hurt them. As usual, they were after the data affiliated with the research. Whether or not they turned that information over to another source, Kaylen could not be sure.

With a heavy sigh, she settled before her journal while the others rested.

Just when I think my life cannot proceed further down this spiral, here we are. I cannot decide if Damien Nocht is delusional or just an absolute shit. The jester we encountered was the good doctor all along. Why he felt the need to keep the secret from us, who knows. I have seen stranger methods from mages who wish to keep their identity secret. What I have never seen, is one who goes to such outlandish lengths. We see a lot of strange things in New Orleans but this one may rank among my top five.

The house. Mama, I’m sorry. I tried my best to keep that part of my life out of your home. When I go back, whatever is left I will restore and improve to help protect me better. I may discuss a few ideas with my fellow members of the Mysterium. I wonder if they could have gotten in had I set some sort of alarm to the house. Everyone got out mostly uninjured I think that was the best I could ask for. It troubles me. Until now, my research has been mostly book work and tracking leads down. This was the first almost-lethal encounter I have had with a supernatural being. My insurance adjuster is a sleeper so a localized earthquake should be an entertaining explanation.

The thought of the way the house rattled after Damien’s missed spell still prompted Kaylen to see red. A scowl darkened her features as she put her pen to page and continued.  She was a mess but she needed to get this down to help her calm down.  Her clothes were stuck to her body with the sweat of running in New Orleans heat. In a way, she supposed she was lucky she was up and dressed when the Detective arrived.

Detective Sloan, I wonder what he was doing in the neighborhood right before the attack. New Orleans reports hundreds of break-ins a day for a city of her size. Why would one lone detective be patrolling the Quarter? It occurs to me as I write this that the police will be looking for me after the attack at my house. Are the two related? I wonder.

Lux is proving as uncommunicative as ever. I think Jack Campbell is tied to her but I am uncertain why. I am operating on no more than an instinct. This whole mess ties together somehow but as of yet, I cannot pull the thread. The situation is just too neat. The Slayer is a fairy tale, she says. And yet, Jack Campbell’s crazed mutterings are somehow related. How could a mere fairy tale instill such fear in a mortal man? Who are these people and why are they hunting her? This “for your own protection” drivel is only going to hold for so long. What was clear after the encounter is that they wanted her; regardless of the cost. They were going to take her willing or not.

I cannot abide that. Lux does not realize that she is not alone anymore. I took her in as a kindness and, for all her gruffness, a night turned in to two then three. I know what it is to be alone. I know what it is to be haunted.

Kaylen closed her journal with a thoughtful expression. If had been anywhere but her home she would have burnt the place to the ground to keep Lux safe from whatever haunted her. The poor kid looked like she had no idea what it was to be safe and not have to be constantly looking over her shoulder. Her eyes zeroed in on one of her last sentences. I cannot abide that.

No, she most certainly could not.

Journal Entry Three

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