Journal Entry One

The moonlight cast a clipped blue glow through her front windows.  Most nights, she drew the curtains closed to protect her privacy from nosy tourists but tonight felt different.   Lux was long put to bed.  Kaylen frowned for the poor child.  She was definitely one of theirs and how she came to bond with an astral familiar was beyond her.  A wolf, of all things, seemed to be the girl’s companion.   Kaylen herself had only read of such creatures.  Tonight was her first experience with one.   

The night beyond was cool but damp.  The clouds and rain had given way to a clear night. Kaylen kept the lights dim so as not to disturb her guest. A battered leather book sat in her lap.  Her auburn hair was pulled up in a messy bun and secured.  She gave every appearance of a woman in for the evening.  After a moment’s thought, she put the pen to page. 

April 29, 2017

Dinner with Damien was peculiar, to say the least.  I am beginning to wonder if our meetings at the library have become more than chance affairs.  He confirmed the fact when he asked me to dinner tonight.  Over dinner, he showed me a sketch that echoes my Atlantean research.   Later, he explained that the symbol was drawn by one of his patients.   Why on earth is a clinically insane person drawing the symbol of life and death?  Better question, what is driving renowned psychologist Damien Nochte to give the sketches any heed?   Something is out of the ordinary about the situation.  Of that, I can be certain.

Dinner would have come to a polite, uneventful end if not for the spectral wolf that ran right by the restaurant window.  The rain would have concealed the creature from the normals, as I am coming to describe those that lack my gift.  I suspect their brains aren’t wired to see what is out of the ordinary.   God knows mine was not before the accident. 

Lux…I am not sure where to begin.  Clearly, she’s one of ours in the sense that she is aware. How she came to be in New Orleans is unclear.  What is clear is that she is in need of a place to stay for now…or perhaps a place to hide would be more accurate.  She will be accompanying me on my assignment tomorrow.  I can only guess what we may find, or who depending on your perspective.  That many bodies cannot bode well.  Could it be a previously lost cemetery?  Or something that shifted with Katrina?  I guess we’ll find out tomorrow morning, won’t we?

Kaylen looked at the page for a few minutes in the moonlight, tapping an empty space with her pen before she wrote the sentence that had been on her mind all night.

Perhaps it is time to move on….

With that thought, she closed the leather book.  After she checked the lights, the locks on the windows and doors, she proceeded up the stairs to bed.   She carried with her the file provided by Mr. Gibson.  On silent steps, she padded down the hall and looked in on Lux.  The girl was fast asleep. Without a word, Kaylen closed the door and proceeded to her own bedroom.  She tossed the journal on a side table with her research notes and slid the folder into the travel satchel she would take with her the next morning.     Soon after she laid down, she slept.

OOC plot points.

  • While the girls ate and settled in for the evening, Damien was greeted by a ghost who told him some men dug her up and now she can’t find her parents.   This ghost was also kind enough to knock him upside the head.    He cast a minor ward to alert him of a foreign presence but not strong enough to keep out any wayward intruders—spectral or otherwise.
  • The following morning, the ladies headed for the St. Louis Cemetery to see what clues they could find.  Upon taking the tour of the cemetery they broke away near Marie Laveau’s tomb to investigate further.  They were followed by an odd-looking fellow in a jester costume. 

Journal Entry One

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