City of the Damned

City of the Damned, Session #5

Dead men don't walk
They only decompose
When I count to three you close your eyes and keep 'em closed

Its nightmarish to think you might perish slowly fear it
Or pray to your chosen holy spirit

"Dead Men Don't Walk" by the Sebutones

  • Damien asks Lux if she recognizes the name Talia Campbell.  Lux indicates she does not and knows nothing about it.  When Damien mentions his patient, Jack Campbell,  Lux stares at him and says firmly. “I am doing anything to help that man.”  Lux explains that Jason Campbell is the reason her family is dead and the vampires are after her.
  • When pressed about staying with the group or continuing her journey alone,  Lux asks Cerin what he thinks.  The spectral wolf responds.  “We cannot run forever. We need a new pack to protect us.”     Lux shoots back.  “Your pack was so helpful.”   Cerin adds that he is not like his pack and she knows it.   With Cerin’s endorsement, Lux decides to stay with the group.
  • Suddenly, the air gets heavier and the ghost girl that visited Damien before reappears.  Lux greets the ghost and the ghost waves in return.  At this time, Damien explains his first encounter with the girl.  She chides him.  “You never did understand what I was trying to tell you.”  She turns her attention to Kaylen and Lux.  “They have us in a big building that smells like fish.”
  • The little girl goes on to inform them that she was original from Iberville and that she was taken by “people like you.”  She insists that the party left too soon to find what she was originally trying to tell the good doctor.  She tells them that the people in blue moved their bodies.  To clarify, she blows onto a window pane and draws the symbol for New Orleans civil employees.
  • Lux asks permission to use mage sight on the girl.  When the child agrees,  Lux focuses her active skill.  Atlantean runes spin around the girl and the group sees a circle identical to the rune of life, death, and rebirth.   Lux states they branded her.  Cerin adds that the magic would have been performed while she was still alive.
  • The girl died of exsanguination in 1915.  She remembers that there was a woman who drew the symbol on her chest and said she was The Slayer.  All the child remembers was that she was tired, went to sleep and never woke up.  Between the girl’s statements and the group’s knowledge of New Orleans, they deduce there is only one place left in Iberville “that smells like fish” and would be large enough to house that amount of bodies —  Paul Piazza & Son’s Inc.   
  • Before the trio sets out, Damien attempts to accelerate healing his wounds.   He causes a paradox but manages to absorb most of the damage.  He succeeds in the acceleration.
  • Using an imposter spell, Damien deceives the guards on the main door and the group is able to enter the warehouse.  He also manages to convince the cop assigned to the body bags that he needs a break. 
  • Hundreds of body bags litter that portion of the warehouse. Whatever mass grave the city dug up from Iberville was far from small. As the party investigates the bodies, they determine that each body had the same rune carved into them.  Lux is able to tell that the bodies were all drained of blood.  They leave the factory because the sun is going down.   This makes Lux want to be indoors and protected.
  • The party stops to pick up dinner on the way back to Damien’s and discuss the day’s events.    Chinese food is the order of the evening.  Once they return to Damien’s apartment,   Kaylen receives a text from Mr. Gibson expressing his concern.  The man stopped at her home to find the place in tatters.  The old man wished to verify that she was all right and demanded not only an immediate meeting but that Kaylen turn in any reports she had regarding her assignment from the Mysterium.
  • Kaylen agrees to meet Mr. Gibson at Bien Aliments in thirty minutes.   Damien, in an effort to help Lux understand, attempts to alter her features with magic.  Lux rebels and refuses.    Kaylen intercedes and explains to Damien that he should never use his power on another magic user against their will.   The team reaches an uneasy understanding and sets out to meet Mr. Gibson.
  •  After some banter with Gibson,  Kaylen surrenders her notes to the Mr. Gibson.  She deliberately leaves out any information about Lux and her vampire problem.     Her notes indicate their discovery of the run and its meaning as well as the symbols carved into the bodies.  She also excludes any information from her reports about the good doctor.  She does this in an effort to protect them both.  Neither one of her companions is aware of her deception as she wished to convince Gibson that they were not directly involved with both her research and her mission.
  • Gibson demands to know both her companions names and credentials.    Damien and Lux gave their names and nothing more.  Gibson reviewed Kaylen’s report and suggested they backtrack their research to 1915 and see if any major event occurred that would account for the mass grave and a number of bodies located in Iberville.   Gibson shafts Damien with the check and departs.  The trio leaves the restaurant and the old man to deal with the dine and dash next time he visits the restaurant.
  • The group begins to head for Damien’s apartment or someplace safe when Lux rounds on Kaylen and demands. “ You told them about us?!”



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