City of the Damned

City of the Damned, Session #2

So the fool has found the golden key
So it's waiting there for you and me
Just a fool, a street jester
The hero

"The Fool" by U2

Session Recap

  • Exploration of the cemetery continued until the troupe realized the construction was occurring west of the St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. Core, trying to maintain the facade of the Jester, tried an acrobatic leap over the west gate and failed spectacularly (dramatic failure). He then darted out the main entrance (only to come back over the wall and to leave again, causing the security guard and tour guide a great deal of confusion).
  • The cemetery was filled with ghosts (as expected) and occasionally one took notice of Lux but seemed to ignore the rest of the troupe. It grew angry and attacked her, forcing the troupe to drive it away.
  • Approaching the construction site, they found members of the New Orleans Police Department and forensics teams had closed off the site while they collected the bodies. Construction workers were gathered around a foreman who was telling them to go home until the cops were done with their work.
  • The troupe could see the recovered bodies were being transported a short distance to an unused section of Paul Piazza & Son Inc factory in the northeast corner of Iberville. Piazza & Son Inc. was a popular shrimping company but the economic recession had forced them to limit production, lay off a large part of their workforce, and close parts of their facility.
  • Needing more room to work, Core used a bit of magic to make the crowd feel uneasy and they began to disperse. Only a single police officer, one forensics team, and the foreman remained although he retreated to his work office trailer.
  • Taking a look at the bodies, Lux spotted a symbol which she did not recognize. The site was filled with ghosts which kept moaning about someone called the Slayer.
  • Kaylen realized ley lines were crisscrossing the site but it was hard to examine them from the ground so they found a nearby apartment building (one of the new ones being built by the construction company for the city) and examined it from above. From there, the troupe could see the ley lines crossed in such a way as to create a triangle and all of the bodies being dug up were located within that triangle.
  • They also spotted hundreds of ghosts milling in the area, also constrained within the triangle. Using their Mage Sight, they detected a powerful spell interlaced with the ley lines and she slowly began to pull apart the mystery of the spell. She eventually learned not only were the ghosts trapped within the barrier, but they were being used as an energy source, like a mana battery. Kaylen could not discern the purpose of the source of power being created, a storm was quickly approaching, and night would soon fall and Nox insisted on being indoors when the sun went down.
  • The troupe left and stopped at a coffee shop before retiring to Kaylen's home to continue their research.

End of Session



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