City of the Damned

City of the Damned, Session #4

Smoke don't rise, fuel don't burn
Sun don't shine no more
Late one night, sorrow come round
Scratching at my door

Rattlin' Bones by Kasey Chambers

Session Recap

  • Kaylen’s day starts when a New Orleans Police Detective knocks on her door.   Detective Jim Sloan asks Kaylen if she noticed any unusual people in the area.  According to the detective, there have been reports of a rash of break-ins in the area.    At the same moment,  the Jester arrives at her door.     Suspicious,  Detective Sloan asks him for identification.   The Jester  shares this information  with the detective and, as he departs, the officer says “Have a nice day, Doctor.”  
  • The Jester reveals his true identity to the ladies.  Kaylen looks at Damien, tells him he’s shit and proceeds to go make breakfast for the group.   When Damien reveals his identity,  the bond between the three of them grows.
  • In the background of the morning discussion,  the morning news reports rising waters along the Mississippi,  citing heavy rains as a cause.   “Despite the weather,   festivities leading into the Carnival continue for the city.
  • Damien goes on to ask Lux if she knows the name Talia Campbell.   He goes on to explain that the reason he asked is due to his patient, Jack Campbell.    He tells the ladies of his experience with the man the night before.
  • Lux indicates in stories of the old vampires,  that one of the oldest and scariest of these vampires  is called the Slayer.  She insists that this is a fairytale.
  • Over breakfast,  Kaylen recognizes the name of Jack Campbell.  The man had a reputation among the occult community as a quack and among the magic community as a sleeper.   Rumor in the research community had it that he ran in disreputable circles, even among those who delved into the occult.   Jack Campbell had a fondness for vampire legend and lore.  He was known to accompany tours through the quarter fascinating tourists with his so-called expertise.  A year ago, the rumors about Jack Campbell stopped.
  • After breakfast, the power goes out.  Kaylen grabs a flashlight and heads into the basement to check the breakers. When she arrives,  she finds the breaker box open and her breakers deliberately turned.  Upstairs,  Damien and Lux here footsteps on the second floor of Kaylen’s home. Cerin informs the group that something dead is upstairs.   When Lux and Kaylen go upstairs, a creature known only to Lux as Beef,  greets them as he thumbs through Kaylen’s belongings.   “Hello Cherie, it is time to come home.”
  • Lux refuses and yells to the others that it is time to go.   Beef swings and punches at Lux.  To aid their escape, Kaylen attempts an invisibility spell, fails and suddenly everyone is surrounded by fairy fire.      Lux is able to negate the failed spell or all three of them.
  • Another creature shows up.   Both vampires want Lux.   Beef says they have been watching her for the last few days.  He says Moon is full and needs to feed.    After  taking claws to the chest,  Damien manages to cast isolation on Simon, the second creature, to confuse him.
  • During the scuffle, Beef manages to crash through one of Kaylen’s walls and a failed spell from Damien creates a localized earthquake that causes  additional damage to Kaylen’s home.    This infuriates her but she can do nothing about the damage until everyone is safe.
  • The trio manages to escape Kaylen’s home.  Damien suggests his residence on the opposite side of the Quarter as a place to hide.  All agree and take the back alleys to his home.  Once they arrive,  Kaylen treats Damien’s  stitches and bandages the good Doctor’s wounds.   While Kaylen is taking care of Damien,  Lux and Cerin try to figure out how the vampires got into Kaylen’s house.   She remembers that vampires have a skill called obfuscate that can hide their presences.
  • Kaylen’s cell begins to ring.  The caller is  Mr. Gibson from the Mysterium inquiring about her progress with her assignment.  He asks if she has a drawing of the symbol that was discovered.   Her contact urges her to turn in her reports and the drawings “within the next couple of days.”    Mr. Gibson also requests that she deliver this information in person.  Kaylen agrees to meet him within the next couple of days. 
  • The session ends with the trio holed up at Damien’s home trying to decide what to do next.



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