City of the Damned

City of the Damned, Session #3

I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn't even matter
I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn't even matter

"In The End" by Linkin Park

Session Recap

  • The group meets at Kaylen’s to discuss and research the symbol that was carved into the bodies at the work site.   Kaylen recognizes the symbol as the one Damien had shown her over dinner.  She recognizes the symbols for life and death but realizes the symbol is more than just those two Atlantean runes.  The limited resources in her home reveal nothing further.
  • Lux determines with her mage sight that the symbol represents the cycle of life, death and rebirth.  These symbols are carved into the collarbones of the dead bodies.    No one is sure what would invoke the power of the runes or what purpose they serve.
  • Late that night,  the storm subsides and Core, in full jester regalia,   departs before Kaylen offer other wise. As he returns home,  he sees a missing persons poster for Talia Campbell.  The girl in the poster bears a startling resemblance to Lux.
  • Damien/Core  goes home and settles for late night left overs.  As he checks his messages, he receives a number of panicked messages from Dr. Kanaga at the asylum about his patient, Jack Campbell.  The good doctor reports that Campbell is getting violent with the orderlies and screaming for Dr. Nocht.    Dr. Kanaga is requesting that Damien come down immediately and assess his patient so Campbell’s meds can be adjusted.   Damien  can hear his patient screaming in the background of their phone call.
  • Damien arrives at the asylum.   The amount of asylums for the insane have grown in the city in recent years.  Publicly funded asylums suffer more than most. The building itself should have been condemned years ago.   Damien is greeted at tattooed security guard,  Mike.   As soon as he arrives,  Dr. Kanaga greets him.
  • Dr. Kanaga indicates that issues with Campbell started yesterday morning screaming for Dr. Nocht.   As a safety precaution,  he has cleared out any surrounding patients and staff.
  • When Damien steps into Jack’s sell,  he sees that Campbell is wounded.  In his padded cell, Jack has managed to chew through the cell’s padded walls and pound his head against the exposed wall.   Damien is furious when he sees that Jack has managed to split his skull open and will require medical care once he is sedated.   Damien sends Kanaga to fetch orderlies to sedate and restrain his patient.
  • Finally, the screaming quiets.  Jack stares at Damien.  Damien casts read the depths to determine what is wrong with his patient.   Another force around Jack’s mind prevents Damien from examining  him further.  The spell fails and results in a paradox.  Damien releases the paradox. As he does violet lines shatter the reality around him before snapping back to the “normal” world.  He had drawn the attention of the Annunaki.
  • Soon enough the orderlies return with Dr. Kanaga.  As they sedate him, Jack Campbell begins to shout.  “Dr. Nocht! The Slayer! The Slayer.”   Early the next morning,  Damien, dressed as the Jester,   visits the asylum with the intention of cheering its occupants.  He then hears Campbell shouting about the Slayer once again and screaming for Dr. Nocht. 
  • Dressed as the Jester, he then proceeds to Kaylen’s residence to share what he learned.  



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