City of the Damned

City of the Damned, Session #1

People Are Strange When You're a Stranger

Session Recap

  • Kaylen (Aestu Es) and Damien (Core) enjoyed a meal and discussed one of Damien's clients and the strange symbol he had been drawing, an Atlantean rune representing the cycle of life and death.
  • Lux had been on the run for months and Sun had found her once again. She used the crowds of Bourbon street to hide and slipped into an old library across the street with Cerin (her wolf familiar).
  • Kaylen and Damien noticed Lux breaking into the library and investigated. Inside, they could not find the girl but stumbled upon Cerin trying to find a way out of the library. They backed off from the wolf and Lux came out of hiding.
  • While trying to gain Lux's trust, they are interrupted by a knock at the door to the library. Outside they found Mr. Gibson, a member of the Mysterium whom Kaylen recognized. He had been magically tracking Kaylen in order to deliver to her a package and an assignment. Completing his task, he left.
  • Kaylen convinced Lux to stay with her for the evening and Damien escorted the ladies to Kaylen's home in the French Quarter. The ladies got to know each other while Damien retreated to his own estate.
  • While researching, Damien is visited by a ghostly entity. He tried to examine the entity discreetly with his Mage Sight (dramatic failure) and the entity lashed out at him, knocking him across the room. Not wanting to risk another attack, Damien opted to speak with the ghost and she told him she had been sleeping and men had woken her up. She also informed Damien she was from Storyville (which Damien knew to be Iberville today).
  • Kaylen opened the package and found a meager amount of information about an abnormal number of bodies which had been discovered during demolition in Iberville, which was being rejuvenated by the city council. Mysterium had noted the mystery of the bodies and Kaylen had been selected to investigate.
  • The next day, Damien decided to disguise himself as a jester to hide his identity while he investigated the ghost, starting in St. Louis Cemetery #1. The ladies decided to do the same and they ran into each other at the entrance (although the ladies did not know the jester was Core/Damien).
  • Kaylen and Lux slipped away from the cemetery tour group after visiting Marie Laveau's tomb. Core tried to use a bit of magic to slow the tour group but failed and made Kaylen and Lux aware he was Awakened.

End of Session



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